are you really sure?

things have been shot to hell.

i am depressed.
i pull my hair out by the chunk.
i pick at my skin until it bleeds and i look disgusting.
i spend loads of money that i will soon run out of.
i am apathetic about everything.

but i have frank.
he is amazing.
ha is turning out to be one of the best things that have happened to me.
he is sooo sweet.

we actually spent an entire day like the above picture.
it was the happiest i have even been.
i hope things will go this well forever.


people call us renegades

so i had a lump removed from my breast yesterday.
i don't think i have ever been so scared in my entire life.
i burst into tears before i even took my shirt off.

i have amazing friends though.
when i woke up yesterday morning, i had about 8 text messages all saying i was going to be ok and i was loved.

and frank asked me out last night.
i woke up sad because i thought it was all a dream.
but it wasn't.
i have had a smile on my face a lot today.
i got to work and it has already been spread about the entire store.

i am completely addicted to sex and the city. i have always loved it. but i bought a couple of seasons on dvd the other day and i have no idea why i am just now becoming addicted. it's fun thinking of who each of them would be if they were people i really know.

my therapist is miranda.