people call us renegades

so i had a lump removed from my breast yesterday.
i don't think i have ever been so scared in my entire life.
i burst into tears before i even took my shirt off.

i have amazing friends though.
when i woke up yesterday morning, i had about 8 text messages all saying i was going to be ok and i was loved.

and frank asked me out last night.
i woke up sad because i thought it was all a dream.
but it wasn't.
i have had a smile on my face a lot today.
i got to work and it has already been spread about the entire store.

i am completely addicted to sex and the city. i have always loved it. but i bought a couple of seasons on dvd the other day and i have no idea why i am just now becoming addicted. it's fun thinking of who each of them would be if they were people i really know.

my therapist is miranda.

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