Lately I've Been Measuring, Seems My Time Is Wearing Thin..

So after a year with anorexia-nervosa, I saw my first diatrition today. I liked her a lot but it really got me to thinking.
(whenever i say 'i've been thinking,' it's not a good thing.)

I have lost over 40 pounds within the past 6 months and people have just started noticing. They have just, within the past few weeks, started to say something.

'Have you lost weight?'
'You look great!'
'How did you do it?'
'Are you trying to wither away to nothing?'

To me, it's like they only say how bad it is after they label it. Nothing has changed, you just gave it a name.

Diets aren't bad. Anorexia is. But why?
Anorexia is a diet.
I agree, it is extreme. There is no denying that.

But a lot of things are extreme.
'Extreme' is a word. Look it up.

'Extreme' isn't a bad label. Calling something 'extreme' does not make it taboo.
Anorexia is taboo. But not the word 'Extreme'

But why is Anorexia taboo?

Did you know that overeating is an eating disorder as well? But no one goes into treatment centers for being fat. America is the fattest county in the world. And I live in Houston, Texas. Last year, Houston was the fattest city out of all the fat cities in the fattest country in the world. So why am I being fixed for being skinny?

What are the differences between these two pictures?

both are disgusting. So why isn't the woman in the second one being thrown into mental hospitals to be cured?

We both have health problems because of our food problem.

We can both have diabetes.
We can both have heart-related problems.
We can both have difficulty breathing.
We can both have trouble getting around.

So why is she getting laughed at while I am being medically treated?

We are both doing the same amount of damage to our bodies. Tell her to put down her supersized quarterpounder with extra cheese, and i will eat an apple.

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