Your Dry Cleaning Won't Be Ready Until Thursday

for the record, i didn't do anything wrong.

i didn't want things to turn out this way.

it is truly amazing how much one tiny decision decision could ruin everything you have ever come to know and love.
was it my fault for asking? is she just overreacting? was he worth all of this in the first place?

he was my best friend before he was your ex-boyfriend. i helped get the two of you together. I LIKED HIM THE WHOLE TIME. i have liked him since the day i met him. i guess you never heard the story of how me and cameron got together in the first place?

you say that a true friends would not have even asked in the first place. well ok, but i did. and you said to go for it. it is not my fault you lied to me. and it is not my fault that you were such a fucking pussy you couldn't even say it to my face. you couldn't even say it to me. you told it to the entire world. go play in traffic.

you tell me to stop playing the victim. but i am the victim. you hate me and want me to die, but it could have been prevented. you didn't even like him. even cameron said he was happy for us and cameron would have done any thing to be with me again. you lied to me and you pointed out my 'mistake' and told the whole fucking world.

he found someone else who lives closer to him because he is a lazy fuck. and isn't man enough to tell me about her. but instead of lying, he just ignores me. we haven't spoken a word since that night and i hope you have fun with her. i hope she makes you fall in love with you and i hope she rips your heart out and slowly inserts a knife into, right in front of your face. I hope she puts it on the grill and cooks it and forces you to eat your cold lies.

thats still only half of what i felt.

and you don't have anything anymore. we were each others lives and now you have no one. I miss the times we had together but it's not worth it. you say you can't trust me, but you have no reason not to. I never lied to you. i told you what was what to your face. Then you get mad because I said that I cant trust you. I have good reasons not to trust you. Not once in all of this have you told me the truth to my face. It really hurts to find out that your best friend is not anything you thought she was. Its hard when she tries to destroy the life that you have built together.

i miss my sister. my best friend. my lincoln.

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