Is there anyone I can call?

The puppy I took into my home to help me get over Angel attacked me tonight. My dad heard me crying from downstairs. He ran up to pull her off of me. I was face down on top of my bed screaming for her to stop. Tears streaming down my face and arms trying to keep her away from me. All my mom could say is that it would be ok. All my dad said was I can't let her do that. Show her who's boss.

Looking back on this event that occurred about 20 minutes ago, I am reminded of something me and my therapist Lara discovered on tuesday. I put others wants ahead of my own needs. Penny Lane wanted to lick my face until i couldn't breathe and then chew on my arms and bite my face and stand on my body and hurt me. I need her to stop. Somewhere in the chain of events I rolled with the punches and went on self defense. Praying that someone could hear me. thankfully they could.

time is flying by around me. an hour is gone and i dont know where it is. I am still sitting here. it is all i can do to type.

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