this is getting over you

i found this and fell in love.
i didn't write this, but i wish i did.

Some people believe in Jesus and God.
Some people believe in Buddha or whoever they choose.
Some people believe in Heaven and Hell and Angels and the Devil.
Some people believe in making a lot of money and having the "dream life".
Some people believe in war.
But I believe in other things.
I believe in helping others out.
I believe in smiles and laughter.
I believe in words and their power to save lives.
I believe in bands and everyone who is just getting by.
I believe in the smalls of backs and watching movies till your eyes burn.
I believe in staying up all night and sleeping in all day.
I believe in long car rides and fresh air.
I believe in Anthony Green and his music ways.
I believe in my family and everything they do.
I believe in passion over practicality.
I believe in questioning those who don't want to be.
I believe in acting out and drawing attention.
I believe in long conversations.
I believe in reading blogspots and then realizing your still the same.
I believe in going out by staying in.
I believe in the sun and the stars and everyone who loves them as much as I do.
I believe in supporting good causes without reasons besides the fact that it just seems right.
I believe in protecting the ones you love.
I believe in bee stings and everything that has to do with pain.
I believe in St. Patrick's Day and spending time with your family.
I believe in being young.
I believe in staying true to yourself.
I believe in my bestfriend.
I believe in you.

meanwhile, in my own life, i find myself being forced to start over.

all of my friends, for one reason or another, have deserted me.
i believe i have one left and she is never available.

i moved back to be closer to these friends i don't have anymore.

so i have to start fresh.
i have to move on.
it is long over due.

i hope you have fun with your new girlfriend.
but i can't look at you anymore without crying.

i hope you have fun with your new best friend and i wish you the best.

i hope none of you will forget all the times we spent together.
preferably the good ones only.

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