coming and going

wow. i haven't updated on here in a while.

i am doing incredible.

i have come so far in just a year.

i am no longer stuck in suicidal hole.
i haven't purged in over 3 months.
i haven't cut in a few weeks.

i have been out of the hospital for over a year and i am happier than i can ever remember being.

i am slowly backing off on my meds.
i am seeing my psychiatrist and nutritionist only once a month and i am healthy.

i know i am not perfect, but i feel like i am finally taking the steps i have needed to take for years.

i hope one day i can be an inspiration to people who are in the same place i was a year ago.

so since this year has begun some things have happened

trainspotting (the book) has been steadily changing my life.

pretty much everyone forgot my birthday.
and even if they had not, i was sick so i couldn't do anything.

i had a nightmare that cameron killed himself last night and no one cared how i felt.

i got across the universe on tuesday and have watched it 24 times since.

we got the house i wanted and are moving next weekend.
i can crawl onto the roof from my window
and it is walking distance from camerons.

life is good right this second.

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