When I Woke Up

i wrote this for piece of art i created last night.
i have created a lot but i think i am the proudest of this particular one.
my scanner is broken so i can't upload the actual page
but here is the story.

When I woke up in the morning,
Screaming, crying, sweating.
It was in that moment that I knew..
As long as I was living,
I would be living in fear.

I looked over my shoulder,
I saw the monster that infects my dreams.
At night, he sings softly in my ear.
He tells me I am beautiful.
I am his muse.

One night, he took me to the cemetery.
It was there that he showed me my future.
I was frightened, but he held my hand.

The next night, it happened again.
But this time, I did not wake up.
I was no longer afraid.

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