Give Me A Reason To Believe

Religion is really dumb.

It has caused more wars than we can count, people are ridiculed, beaten and killed for believing a certain way.

But the thing that really bugs me is when people feel the need to shove their beliefs on someone else. America has freedom of religion but that does not mean you can force it on other people.

For example: my aunt has three children. the oldest son is away at college, the middle daughter is a sophmore in high school and the youngest son is a freshman in high school.

My aunt has a lot of problems. she's going through her second divorce and can't afford her house anymore, she is a third grade teacher, her kids hate her because she has never made an effort to have any relationship with her, she basically denounced having any relation to me whatsoever.

I know my mom and her family are christians but i have never really seen them live their life in a way that would show it. None of us (the kids) really had a good example of a christian life, yet still expected us to get it.

As of now, I am agnostic. But this story is about my aunt.

Her daughter is really into volleyball and it is hard for her to keep up her school work during the season. So here is the conversation between mother and daughter:

Mother: I would be praying about volleyball if I were you.
Daughter: I'll pray if I want to.
Mother: No. You will pray because I am telling you to.
Daughter: You can't make me pray. It's none of your buisness if I pray or not.
Mother: It is my buisiness and I am your mother. You will believe what I tell you to believe.

Am I the only one who wants to slap the woman? I don't even know what to say. Everything about that is fucked up.

You can't force someone to think like you. you can't force them to believe everything you believe. In trying, they actually pull away even more. The more you try to shove Jesus down someones throat, the more the more proof they have against him. People lose respect for you and to be honest, it's really annoying.

I remember when my mom found out about my agnosticism..I think she started crying. I was angry. The topic came up because she said you can't really love or hate anyone without knowing them. but she then said 'except marilyn manson. i hate him.'

I, being a marilyn manson fan, of course defended him and she just said 'He judges me."
So does this mean that the punishment for judgment is judging them right back. My mother hate someone she knows nothing about.

Just because he looks different and his lyrics aren't family friendly..she will never know what it is like to be him. At least he isn't using his religion as an excuse. If his beliefs offend you, don't listen to them. If you don't know him, don't assume you do. If you wish he wasn't so anti-christian..give him a reason to believe you should be. I understand both sides and I know that christianity doesn't mean anything today.

Christians are going to Marilyn Manson concerts and you would never be able to tell them apart. Christians are killing people, bombing abortion clinics, doing all of these things that I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't get caught doing.

Religion is a choice. A personal choice. I won't judge you for what you believe in...as long as your actions back up your words.

I am obviously not going to come to christ because the kid i snort cocaine with after school told me it saved his life. bullshit.

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