What's My Age Again?

today children, we are going to complain about the age of consent law.

specifically dealing with dating and the like.

i agree, 20 year old guys should not be dating 12 year old girls.

but i personally believe that if a sixteen year old girl has feelings for a twenty year old guy, what gives the government the rite to stop that.

i think as long as it is consentual there shouldn't be a problem.
i have spoken earlier about teen sex and how we are trying to be sheltered and caged and protected.

but what if that isn't what is best for us.
it certainly isn't what we want.

let's take a trip back in time, shall we?

my grandma was married at 16.
her grandma was married at 13.

love is love.
it knows no age, race, gender, whatever the fuck you want to censor next.

i'm sixteen and i love my boyfriend more than most wives love their husbands.

ashton kutcher married demi moore who is well over 20 years older than him.
extreme, but acceptable.
so why can't i date a guy 20 years older than me?

why does my age automatically set me apart from the rest of society.
i am probably more mature than most legal, college students. but they are better because they were born a few years before me? bullshit.

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