Sweet Freedom

if you were to die tonight, would you be able to say you really lived?

i know i probably wouldn't.

i spend most of my time sitting on my couch watching tv and feeling sorry for myself.

there are a lot of shows i plan on going to, but refuse to go alone. if my friends can't make it, neither can i.
and then i come home and sit on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

i know i could have so much more fun in life.
i know that i shouldn't let other people stop me.
so my boyfriend can't make it..

...maybe my soul mate is going to be at the concert tonight.

maybe me being weak is ruining the rest of my life a little more with each bad decision i make.
i let my depression decide if i am going to sit home and binge or go out and have fun.

if we have to live anyway, why not have a good time?
why not enjoy the time we have here?
why not make friends and make memories?
why not act like idiots?
why not go on adventures?
why not live like a movie?
why not take chances?


so i go to a show alone.
so what.
i'm sure i won't be the only one.
i know there will be someone there i can hang out with.

so let's all take steps to break out of routine.
let's break out of our comfort zone.
let's make new friends.
let's be free.
let's stay up late with ice cream and our best friends.
let's change the world.

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