Battle Of The Sexes

i have made a discovery.

i have been discovering this for a few years now, but i can finally put my findings into words.

boys are not as smart as girls.

boys always complain about how confusing we are, but we really aren't.
we are simple and predictable.

boys just don't have the brain capacity to figure it out.

they have trouble thinking about the consequences before they act and don't take into account how it might affect other people (cough girlfriend cough)

boys are more complicated than boys are.
it's easy to realize what a girl is thinking.
boys are tough because most of the time, they aren't thinking.

"I'm selfish, impatient,
and a little insecure.
I make mistakes,
I am out of control, and
at times hard to handle.
But if you cant handle me at my worst,
than you sure as hell don't
deserve me at my best."
- Marilyn Monroe

The thing is it's hard to fall for the guy you deserve, instead of the guy you want.
It's hard to pick the boy who'd be great for you over the boy that can sweet talk you into a dream.
I guess you just have wait for the day you meet the man who is all of them.

By the time you swear you're his, shivering & sighing,
and he vows his passion is infinite, undying.
Lady, make a note of this; one of you is lying.
-Dorothy Parker

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