Un suicide élégant est l'oeuvre d'art finale

cleopatra & antony
sid & nancy
romeo & juliet

love & suicide

just in case we aren't all clear on the story, romeo and juliet were in love but their families hated each other and forbade them from being together. so they devised a plan to fake juliet's death so no one would notice she was gone when she ran away with romeo.
well Romeo went to see her and thought she was really dead and his heart shattered. He couldn't go on without her. So he committed suicide right there in the mausoleum next to her body.
when Juliet woke up, her heart shattered at the sight of her lover's dead body on the ground. So she also committed suicide so she wouldn't have to live with the pain. now they can be together forever.

suicide is one of the biggest taboos in society today, so why is the actions of Romeo and Juliet considered one of the most romantic things to be done. giving up your life for someone is the greatest act of affection.

but society contradicts itself.

don't get me wrong, i am not telling all the young couples in the world to go commit suicide together.
all i'm saying is that i don't understand why no one wants to mention suicide. (seriously of course; because we have no problem joking about it)

why is suicide the ultimate form of selfishness and the ultimate sin and sooo horrible, yet is a vital detail in the ultimate love story.

if romeo and juliet had not acted as they had, they wouldn't be as remembered as they are now.
if they hadn't died, they would just be some old couple hiding because they are still afraid of their parents finding out.

where is the romance in that?
where is the bravery in that?

moving on.

sid and nancy.

sid and nancy's story is similar to that of romeo and juliet. sid is a bad-ass rockstar and nancy is a heroin addict groupie. but someway or another, they fall in love and nancy becomes responsible for turning sid onto drugs.

nancy is considered by people who knew her to be the single most annoying person in history. (this is evident if you watch the movie) Sid's friends couldn't stand her and Nancy's family couldn't stand either of them. but they didn't care about what the others told them. they stayed together.

the drugs got really bad and one night Nancy turns up dead in room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. Sid is the prime suspect. (I personally don't believe he did it, but the case is still open) Later he was found dead with a suicide note in his pocket.


Obviously, Sid and Nancy's relationship had a few problems. But the story is the same.

Two people love each other but the world is against them.

"Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark"

-Death Cab For Cutie

Now that you're gone, I feel the pain
My heart trembles, I call your name
I miss your touch, your soft blonde hair.
I keep searching for an answer, but, it just ain't there

She smiled at me as I held her carefully.
Her last words were "I love you", thought it set me free.
And I can't forget that look on her face
It looked like an angel as she died in my embrace

-The Ramones

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